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A touch of the unexpected

Isn't it always interesting  when you walk into a space and see touches of excitement in the decor? It could be a great piece of art, a collection of objects or unexpected colour combination.  This ottoman is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise monochromatic room (flowers don't count).

Vases massed by colour are pretty spectacular as a focal point.  Finding interesting ways to show collections can add excitement to a plain room.

Why not choose an exotic colour and paint a cabinet, table or the inside of a bookcase?

Spectacular draperies can make a room.  This tight colour scheme becomes interesting when various patterns are added. The bold stripes in the drapes are very eye catching.

 A stenciled wall  is sure to be a focal point in  any  room.

If you're going to hang photographs you may as well go for it and create a gallery wall.

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